What is Cauzio?

Cauzio is a web platform that allows organizations to offer citizens collective action tools to support a common cause, thanks to petitions, donations or events.

An action platform at the service of organizations

Citizen mobilization is a challenge for many non-profit organizations, including those of the Center for Sustainable Development. The implementation of actions allowing web users to act directly from the browser is a pertinent solution to increase the visibility of these organizations and expand their pool of potential members and donors.

Cauzio offers unique advantages to its members by :

  • allowing to create personalized actions depending on needs
  • focusing on the communication of the organizations towards their audiences (only participating organizations can add actions)
  • financing itself directly by these organizations (souveraineté sur les données)
  • minimizing the visual impact of the action platform

Un potentiel en plein développement

Après une première phase de deux ans, ou plus 170 000 individus ont participé aux différentes actions sur cauzio.org, la plateforme est actuellement dans sa deuxième phase de développement.

Cette phase solidifie les bases de Cauzio tout en l'enrichissant avec de nouvelles fonctionnalités et une plus grande diversité d’actions.

Citizens, it's your turn!

Citizens now have a unique tool that allows them to follow in real time the activities of member organizations, to support their actions and to pose concrete actions to actively play their role as actors of change. An action tool that is simple, efficient and practical.